Kandi Burruss has a bone to pick with her Husband

As Women, we bare it ALL!There are exceptions.There are a lot of Men who are the primary care-taker of their kids.But so many times, no matter how great your Man is, things tend to fall on the Women.Kandi Buruss and her husband Todd Tucker recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl, via surrogate.She had a bone to pick with her husband and aired it out on her YouTube channel.Here’s how it went down.

“Kandi: Once again – like with Ace – this is where he really pissed me off! He decides he wanna go out and go to the club. She ain’t even a week old yet! Two nights in a row!

Todd Tucker: Wait- time out. You already knew I was going out both those nights. That was something that was already understood.

Kandi: -No!”

Read more here:https://bit.ly/386K2MK

Photo:Getty Images

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