Did Bobby Brown get hit by a car??

I can’t imagine why she would lie about this, but it looks like she may have.Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, claimed that Bobby was hit by a car!She said it happened while he was on foot and according to her, the driver was trying to take his life!Here’s what she posted to Facebook.

“NO he was NOT in a car accident! This car CAME STRAIGHT FOR HIM & TRIED TO KILL HIM!”

But Bobby Brown’s lawyer, Christopher Brown, has denied this claim.In a statement, he said the following:

“There are reports circulating that Bobby Brown was hit by a car over the weekend and substantially injured both his legs. The reports are false and Bobby Brown was in Los Angeles enjoying time with his family this weekend. Mr. Brown was not struck by a vehicle over the weekend and statements from Leolah Brown to the contrary are fake news.”

Talk about family drama…

Read more here: https://bit.ly/33VN3xz

Photo:Getty Image

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