Missy Elliot spoke her career in to existence

Missy Elliot has had such an incredible career!A 20 plus year legacy.She was just inducted in to the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, becoming the first female rapper to do so!She also just received an honorary doctorate degree from Berklee College of Music!Remarkable!!She just recently shared how she spoke her career in to existence.

“This is why you have to listen to kids. I knew what I wanted. I remember [telling my classmates], ‘I’m going to be a superstar,’ and the whole class would bust out laughing…I wonder, do those kids remember me? Because I remember all of them. I have a picture, and I remember their names. They would laugh because it just seemed impossible.”

This goes to show how POWERFUL the tongue is.If you can dream it…say it.It can happen for you too!Looking forward to her 7th studio album she’s working on.I’m sure it will be FIRE!!

Read more here:https://bit.ly/2xOekTB

Photo:Getty Images

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