Tamar Braxton got with a fan who commented on her boyfriend's picture on IG

Two words that hold a lot of meaning to some…”Hey U”…Kind of flirtatious right?Well, we all know that Tamar Braxton doesn’t play when it comes to her man.A woman posted the comment “Hey U” on one of her boyfriend’s IG picture and Tamar had to put her together.She has since said she was just playing but she responded with.

“hey boo! I’m Tamar from Baltimore…. this is my boyfriend David.. so correction sis… hey Ya’ll!”

Fans noticed that David didn’t jump in on the action.Would you have replied to this woman if you were Tamar?Or should he have handled it?Or is it even worth addressing at all?!

Read more here: https://bit.ly/2EK1JEZ

Photo:Getty Images

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