Whitney Houston's "best friend" is writing a book about their relationship.

I don’t respect people who say things about others after they pass away, that they would have never said if they were still alive.We’ve always heard about Whitney Houston’s “best friend” and rumored lover Robyn Crawford.The two met as teenagers back in the 80s and continued their relationship years later.Just a couple years ago Bobby Brown, Whitney’s ex-husband, said he believed that she would still be alive if Robyn would have remained in her life.He said Whitney was bi-sexual and was scared to share her feelings about Robyn to her family.Now this long-time friend, who always stayed out of the lime-light, is writing a book titled “A Song For You”.It will detail her life and relationship with the singing superstar.The book is set to be released in November.I doubt that Whitney would have been thrilled about this…

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