Eva Marcille opens up about her abusive past with her ex.

When it comes to speaking out against her ex, Atlanta Housewives star Eva Marcille has never been shy. Her ex is music producer and artist Kevin McCall. She is now opening up even more about the abuse she says she suffered at his hands. Eva says they only dated for a short amount of time before she got pregnant. They weren’t in love and they didn’t know each other very well. She says the abuse started when she was only a couple months pregnant and got worst. Eva says she finally left when he abused her while she was holding their daughter. Kevin McCall…have you lost your mind?? If this is true, how could any man abuse a woman while carrying their child? Whether in the womb or in the arms.This happens far too often.Thank God she found a way out of that relationship.

Read more here:https://bit.ly/2PgCCgS

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