Beyoncé's Homecoming is amazing!

I never would have thought I would have time to listen to a 40 song project in one day, but that’s exactly what I did yesterday.Beyoncé’ dropped her live album “Homecoming” from her ground breaking performance last year at Coachella.She made history as the first Black Female to headline the two weekend concert event!I started listening at work, then in my car, then at home.My kids were looking at me crazy when I started singing and doing those famous dance moves!LOL!They eventually joined in too!

Also released yesterday on Netflix, was Beyoncé’s concert film of the same name.I haven’t watched it yet, I will this weekend.But in the film she reveals that her last pregnancy wasn’t planned & one of her twins’ hearts paused causing her to have A C-section.The film is also said to be incredibly empowering not only to Black Woman, but to everyone.Check out Michelle Obama congratulate Bey on a job well done!

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2018 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 2
ya girl Cheron

ya girl Cheron

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