R. Kelly's ex-hairstylist accuses him of about sexual abuse.

I am about tired of talking about R. Kelly, but there is something happening nearly every day.I hope you’re not too tired of hearing about it because here are some of the details.

There are four new sexual abuse accusers, three of which have always been described as minors; the 4th is speaking out in an interview.She says she was R. Kelly’s hair braider for a couple years back in the early 2000s.She was 24 years old when this happened and she is accusing the singer of unthinkable things, including spitting on her.She even has the shirt she was wearing during one of the alleged assaults and investigators are hoping to match the DNA.

How brave of her to come out now because you know she will get criticized.She was of age when it happened and it may be difficult to prove and assault.But all sexual assault victims have the right to speak out and tell their stories.See an excerpt of the interview below.

“When I finally realized I don’t want to be this victim, I don’t want to be a part of this, every time I tried to pick myself up again, I felt like something on the news brought me back to what I thought I swept under the rug. Today — today I say: no more. You can talk about me. You cannot like what I’m sayin’ about your favorite singer. “

R. Kelly Back In Court For Aggravated Sexual Abuse Charges

Check out the video below.


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