Bedtime has become a disaster!

As you may know, because I talk about them all the time, I am a Mother of two toddlers.My son Blake is 3 and my daughter Lark is 1.They may look cute and innocent, but bedtime has turned in to a disaster!The first problem is on us, my husband and me.We still let them sleep in the bed with us…But because of that you would think they would easily fall asleep at night with the comfort of their parents next to them.That would be a NO!Blake thinks of every reason to delay going to sleep…”Mama I want water”…”Mama I want French toast sticks”…”Mama I need to use the potty”.And Lark…she just cries!She wants to play with her iPad and run around the room in the dark.Last night I ended up in the rocker, with BOTH of them, rocking them to sleep like they were newborns!I sang to them and was able to calm them down and they FINALLY went to sleep!By then it was almost 11pm! The next step will be getting them to sleep in their own rooms!Please pray for us!LOL!!

ya girl Cheron

ya girl Cheron

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