Jennifer Lopez's tribute is Motown approved!

There were so many great Grammy moments last night.It was probably one of the best shows I've seen in years!There was inclusion in the form of more women nominated in a long time, plus there were no obvious award disappointments.From Alicia Keys hosting and performing on two pianos to Michelle Obama taking the stage to that Detroit legend Diana Ross performing, the 61st Annual Grammy's was worth watching!But there was one moment that was met with controversy ahead of show time and still is being debating today...Jennifer Lopez's Motown Tribute.This year marks the 60th Anniversary of the iconic label.The Grammy producers chose J-Lo to pay tribute and music fans were not feeling it.I watched the performance.I thought she did a great job, for what she does.Her showmanship is undeniable.She's extremely talented, but the performance lacked "soul" and "authenticity".Plus the booty shakes were a bit much.

If you wonder what Motown thought about the tribute, see the IG post below!


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