Katt Williams bows down to Tiffany Haddish last night at the Emmys!

Tiffany Haddish wins big at the Emmys!

You know some people like to talk trash when you’re not around, but when you meet up it’s a whole other story!  Katt Williams just went on “The Frank and Wanda Show” blasting Tiffany Haddish by downplaying her talent as a comedian.  Tiffany surprisingly responded by saying she wanted to show him love.  Well they must have cleared the air because Tiffany posted a picture of Katt on his knees as he bowed down to her while holding her Emmy last night!  Now that’s how you handle your haters!  See the picture below.


If you missed it, this is how it all started.


Read more here:  https://bit.ly/2D6EFlt

Photo:  Getty Images

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