Tyler Perry offered former Cosby Show star a job.

We must lift each other up, when we can.

They’re calling it “job shaming”.  Fox News recently reported on a former Cosby Show actor by the name of Geoffrey Owens.  He was the boyfriend or husband of one of the Cosby kids, not a main character but on the show number less.  Fox News reported that he now backs groceries at Trader Joe’s.  They made fun of him for earning an honest living in between acting gigs.  Owens said he was devastated by the story but appreciated all the support that followed.  Even Tyler Perry jumped in to offer him a job.  That's what I'm talking about!  We are all we got at the end of the day.  We must lift each other up, when we can.  See Perry's tweet below.


Read more here:  https://bit.ly/2PG8YR9

Phot: Getty Images

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