Aretha Franklin to be honored tonight on live television.

The VMAs are doing a special tribute to the Queen of Soul.

The VMAs (Video Music Awards) air live from New York City tonight on MTV.  They are doing a special tribute to the Queen of Soul, Ms. Aretha Franklin.  Will you be watching?  I will be watching and they better get it right! 

Here’s what VMA executive producer Jesse Ignjatovic had to say.

“That’s our big focus now…Even [considering] how many times she performed here, her connection to MTV in the heyday of music videos on the channel, and just what she means to music. We have our pie-in-the-sky dreams, but she’s one of the all-time greats so we have to do her justice.”

He goes on to say, “It could land on either.  It’s such a scramble to figure out what to do, we have to make sure whatever we do is true to her art. We don’t want to do anything too kooky, it’s got to be organic.”

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