Brandy keeps Monica beef alive at the Essence Festival!

"The SONG is mine" Brandy sings during an Essence Fest performance.

It appears as if, even two decades later, Brandy is still hanging on to her beef with Monica.  Remember back in the day, the two had a tiff.  We never really quite got down to the bottom of what caused it, but we were all surprised in 1998 when they recorded and released the hit song “The Boy Is Mine”  That was the JAM!!  Fast forward to this past weekend at the Essence Festival, Brandi perform that song.  At the very end she sang “this SONG is mine”!   Of course she got dragged on social media.  Monica’s fans were not having it!!  Brandy…it’s been 20 years.  Let it go sis.  Check out the video below.


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ya girl Cheron

ya girl Cheron

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