"Married To Medicine" star confirmed that her husband cheated

Mariah Huq shows support by revealing her husband was unfaithful.

People only reveal to you what they want you to see.   If you watch “Married to Medicine” it seems like everybody’s marriages are falling apart except for maybe Contessa and Heavenly.  Those two seem to have it together!  But  I was so surprised to hear my girl Mariah reveal that she too has had issues in her 10 years of marriage.  Apparently her husband Aydin has cheated on her in the past.  These two seemed to have a picture-perfect union.  This shocker came out during a recent episode where the couples underwent group therapy sessions.  Mariah broke the news to try to comfort Dr. Jackie and Toya Bush-Harris.

“It’s okay to fight for your marriage, you don’t owe an explanation to any f**** body,” said Mariah. “I’ve been where you are, I have. Yeah [with Aydin], nobody’s exempt Toya. We’ve been married over a decade and we have had issues like everybody else and infidelity has come up in my marriage just like everybody else.”


But now it seems like she regrets opening up.  See her tweet.


Read more at:  http://bit.ly/2GZOOhN 

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