Possible Winter Storm Warning Friday Morning

Up down, warm cold.  Michigan weather

Up down, warm cold.  One weekend I went from a spring jacket to nearly a snow suit!  No wonder my 2-year old son is sick…  This Michigan weather…no matter how long you’ve lived here, even if you were born and raised in Detroit, you never get used to it!!

Driving in this morning was no fun.  I live in the city I work, but had to make the treacherous drive to Southfield to drop of my daughter, just to drive back past my house to get to work.  I do this every morning!  But the weather folks are calling for better weather tomorrow with only a few flurries with the high in the low to mid 20s.  I can deal with that.  But Friday, oh Friday!  We are expecting 4- 7 inches in the morning!  Another Winter Storm Warning!  Here is what they are saying, “Snow starts after midnight or early Friday and may go all the way through the afternoon. Temps stay in the mid 20s through the snow which should start to improve for the evening drive.”

As for the weekend??  Snow showers are a hit or miss, hoping for a hit!  Oh how I long for Spring!!!

Find more at: http://bit.ly/2E9jxqK 

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