The Lions fire Jim Caldwell.

For the new season, there will be a new coach for the Detroit Lions.

The win over the Packers wasn't enough for Jim Caldwell to keep his job as head coach for the Detroit Lions.  GM Bob Quinn decided to move on.  This was a decision I did not at all agree with.  Although Caldwell had made some mistakes in a couple crucial games, he is still the most winning coach the Lions have had.  And as the first African American coach for the team, I was proud to see the class he brought to the position.  I many times referred to him as "Pops".  LOL!  The team was better with him and excitement grew from fans of the team.  He had a great run!  Farewell Jim Caldwell!  Let's see whats next for the Lions.

ya girl Cheron

ya girl Cheron

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