1% goes a long way...

Cheron and Janet Jackson

I got my life last night at the Janet Jackson concert!  She has always been my favorite performer!  So when I had the opportunity to go back stage to meet her, I couldn't believe it!  But I almost missed my chance...  Long story short, the meet and greet coordinator forgot about me and left me and my friend in the venue.  I tried calling him, but the reception was bad.  I started to cry...  My friend pulled out her phone, with literally a 1% charge, and was able to get the guy on the phone.  He apologized and ran back to get us!  When I walked in the room it spelled like lavender, then there she was!  I cried...  She was very sweet.  It all goes to show, 1% can go a long way.  Love you Janet!!

ya girl Cheron

ya girl Cheron

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