Watch: Bow Wow And AEW's Jade Cargill Get Into Heated Confrontation

Bow Wow and wrestler Jade Cargill had an intense interaction while he chatted with fans ahead of his show in Miami.

According to video that surfaced from the incident on Sunday, November 20, Bow Wow was taking photos backstage with fans during a meet-and-greet following his performance on The Millennium Tour at the FTX Arena in Downtown Miami when Cargill randomly approached the rapper. You can see Cargill and two other women, who appear to be wrestlers Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan from The Baddie Section, shouting at Bow Wow. As they got closer, two security guards pushed all the women back.

After one woman tossed popcorn at the artist, the security guards swooped the two friends up and pushed Cargill away from the area. As of this report, there's still no confirmation on what started the heated argument, or if the ordeal was just a ploy for the cameras ahead of a potential AEW storyline. Nonetheless, Bow Wow didn't seem like he was here for the dramatic scene.

Both Bow Wow and Cargill apparently had a couple of negative interactions in the past. On the day of the confrontation, the rapper tried to congratulate her for remaining the AEW TBS Championship over Nyla Rose. In response, she told him to "shut up." A month before the incident, Bow wow apparently tried to shoot his shot at Cargill after he expressed his desire to get into wrestling.

"After my first win, I just wanna take you out somewhere, [Jade Cargill]," Bow Wow tweeted.

"You can't afford me, Bow," she replied. "Thanks but no thanks."

Two days before their altercation, Cargill hit up The Breakfast Club and explained why she dismissed Bow Wow. Check out the clip and the entire interview below.

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