The Return Of Basketball Wives

Series veterans and fresh newcomers include:

•Shaunie relocates to Houston, TX to be closer to her kids, but still hopes she can find a way to bring peace to the group when they’re all together.

•Malaysia believes it is time to teach her children about police brutality and how to handle asituation with an officer.

•In addition to starting new ventures, Jackie is determined to bring all the ladies together again... or so she thinks.

•Evelyn is preparing to move into a new home but still having trouble getting through the emotional year of 2020.

•Despite going through a messy breakup, Jennifer is mentally in a new place but a new attitude doesn't always mean her past won’t test her.

•Kristen is lending her voice to the Black Lives Matter movement and fighting social injustices.

•OG is back and optimistic about the future with this group of ladies.

•Feby returns with a new man but a major thorn from her ex-boyfriend’s past threatens to challenge her place within the circle.

•After over 11 years with her famous basketball player ex, new comer Liza Morales is ready to begin a new chapter.

•Sisters and entrepreneurs Nia and Noria Dorsey also bring their Memphis energy and spicy personalities to the group.

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