Hiker Discovers Eerie Bunker In Michigan Woods

A narrow path through spruce forest in evening light with fog in summer

Photo: Getty Images

A hiker recently found a mysterious bunker in the Michigan woods and feared it was made for something nefarious, according to CBS Detroit.

The hiker does not want to be identified, but he told WOOD TV that he found the bunker on Friday (June 17) and reported it to the authorities immediately. He described it as a militia or military-type bunker that was most likely built recently, as there are freshly cut trees on the forest floor nearby.

The bunker is 15 by 15 and about 3 feet deep. Inside, sandbags are stacked two high around the perimeter, with about two dozen more located in one corner of the bunker.

“The sandbags, you don’t need them for paintball,” the hiker told WOOD TV. “You don’t need them for a deer blind. It looks like they’re to stop incoming bullets. It’s on a hill. There ain’t going to be a flood here.”

Worried about what the bunker could have been built for, and assuming this type of discovery warranted an investigation, the hiker contacted the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, who connected him to the FBI, who then referred him to local police. But when the man called Michigan State Police, they connected him to the Kent County Sheriff's Office, who in turn referred him to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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