Lizzo Documents Removing Nipple Pasties: 'I Think I’m Taking Off The skin’

Lizzo found herself in quite the debacle on Tuesday (October 6). T

he 'Truth Hurts' singer took to Instagram to share she'd had nipple pastie stuck on for two days. Despite her best efforts, Lizzo couldn't get the pasty to come off. “Help. My nipple pastie won’t come off,” she said in the video. “I’m scared. It’s been on for two days.”

“I don’t know what to do. It hurts so bad,” she added, continuing to pull on the pastie. “I’ve put oil on it. Oh my god. It hurts so bad, you guys. What do I do? I think I’m taking off the skin.” Ultimately, she was unable to remove the pastie over the course of the short video. “OK, I need to take a break.”

Lizzo shared the video with her followers and attempted to make light of the hilarious-yet-painful situation. "Sneak peek of my exclusive Onlyfans content."

Thankfully, though, Lizzo gave her followers a highly anticipated update later day—she was finally able to remove the pasty.

Photo: Lizzo

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