50 Cent Calls Out His Girlfriend For Posting A Thirst Trap On Instagram

50 Cent isn't a fan of his girlfriend's latest thirst trap.

On Wednesday (January 15), Cuban Link posted a boomerang that showed a close-up of her abs. ".. i kilt the gym today .. or maybe the gym kilt me 🥴.. but ether way i won ! 💪🏽🥵 #laundrydaydontmindthebed," she captioned the post.

While the aspiring corporate lawyer, who regularly posts videos and pictures of her workouts, was flooded with comments praising her toned body, her boyfriend wasn't happy about her sharing the video to Instagram. "I just landed. now why you gotta be doing sh*t like this, you send this sh*t to my phone. not to instagram. what the f**k," 50 commented.

The business mogul's comment sparked immediate backlash with Instagram users replying to his comment, accusing 50 of being insecure and trying to control Cuban Link. "insecurity is a weakness, you should be proud of her, no woman wants to be told what to do," one IG user wrote. Another added, "haha you’re so insecure, she’s gonna find a MAN that doesn’t act like he’s in middle school! Hey Curtis, maybe if you had better coping skills, you’d be alright.”

A third person commented, "how about it's her body; her insta; and her F**kin choice to do whatever she wants. It's 2020; you don't get to own slaves anymore."

Photos: Getty Images/Instagram

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