Join Foody at Rite Aid

Can you believe it's already flu season again? The leaves are changing, the pumpkin spice is everywhere and well, so are germs. That's why this year Rite Aid wants to create a flu-free community. So they're giving flu shots to everyone our community counts on. Like Sally, the school crossing guard, who gets our kids to school safely. And Bob, everyone's favorite mailman, who never takes a day off. And Diana, who makes our coffee every morning, and does that fancy leaf design on our lattes. But the most important flu shot this season is yours. Because you need to stay healthy for everyone who counts on you. It's no cost with most insurance, no appointment needed, and all the shots are given by certified immunizers. And, if you're over 65, ask your Rite Aid Pharmacist about an enhanced flu vaccine, because you may need greater protection from the flu. Plus it's covered by Medicare Part B. So stop by Rite Aid today and get a flu shot for you and your family. Visit to learn more. *Vaccines available while supplies last. Age restrictions apply in some states.

Join Foody at Ride Aid on Tuesday from 11a to 1p to get your flu shot!


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