Roshanda Jones - Ronald Brown Academy

Ms. Jones goes over and beyond a call of duty for her students and coworkers. Ms. Jones, works closely with the parents of ALL of her exceptional (special needs) learning students. While teaching presents challenges for many, Ms. Jones continues to overcome any obstacle presented for her students to be successful. Ms. Jones sponsors the safety patrol at our school and does it with a smile. She develops leaders in our community by exhibiting kindness, patience and determination. Ms. Jones will not accept or present any reason for a child not to be successful. In instances where parents aren’t as involved as they should be, Ms. Jones seeks the resources and supports for co-workers reminding us all what we are in the profession for the success of a student! Roshanda Jones has created wrap around services independently because she believes in a light at the end of every tunnel! Her efforts go beyond the expectations of the classroom and this is WHY I believe she has EARNED being Teacher of the Month!
Nominated By Cindy Hill


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