New Report Reveals Jussie Smollett Attackers Used Their Teeth During Ambush

The Chicago Police Department have released an initial incident report surrounding Empire star Jussie Smollett's brutal attack, which authorities are calling a possible hate crime, and it includes new details from the horrific incident.

As per the report, which was obtained by ABC News, the 35-year-old actor initially didn't want to call the authorities but was convinced to do so by a 60-year-old friend, who called them on his behalf. As we've previously learned, the attackers spewed homophobic and racial slurs at the star, before they beat him with their hands, poured a liquid on him, which was believed to be bleach, and placed a rope around his neck. In the report, it was also revealed that the two men used their teeth to harm the actor. "The primary aggressor was wearing a black mask concealing any facial features and both offenders were dressed in black," the report read. "The victim does not remember any other distinguishing features of the offenders, or in which direction they fled."

Over the weekend, Smollett appeared for his first performance since the incident at West Hollywood's Troubadour Club, where he tearfully set the record straight to his fans. "I'm not fully healed yet, but I'm going to be, and I'm gonna stand strong with y'all," he reportedly told the audience. He also clarified that his ribs were just bruised, but not cracked and he was medically cleared to perform for his 300 guests in attendance. "I had to be here tonight, y'all. I couldn't let those motherf**kers win, I will always stand for love. I will only stand for love. Above all, I fought the f**k back. I'm the gay Tupac."

Photo: Getty Images

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