Ms. Link - Nichols Elementary Middle School

Teacher of the week October 29TH – Nov 2nd  

Teacher:  Angela Link

School:  Nichols Elementary Middle School

Location: Detroit


Ms. Link teaches middle school Math. Last summer Ms. Link was diagnosed with cancer. During the 2017-2018 school year she underwent chemotherapy treatments and still reported to work (she has more than enough sick time to take off work due to her excellent attendance record throughout the years), as well as her second job after school. Ms. Link is loved by her students, the staff as well as the Nichols community. Ms. Link goes above and beyond for her students. One year she bought each student a Christmas gift from her own money! The students love her in return; when she is absent they always ask, "How is Ms. Link?" "When is she coming back?" I can't image having to deal with the many challenges of cancer, chemotherapy treatments and working two jobs and maintaining a smile on my face. Ms. Link is one of DPSCD's FINEST!


Nominated By  Kim White

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