Amy Morris - Clarkston Early Childhood Center

Teacher:  Amy Morris

School: Clarkston Early Childhood Center

Location: Clarkston MI


Ms. Morris deserves to be teacher of the week because she is always staying ahead of the curve in her field.  Ms. Morris works with at Risk Disabled Children who come from low income housing and she tries tirelessly to make life better for her students. Since they are all visual learners, she buys supplies such as scissors, white chalkboards and colored pencils  in order to spark their creativity and improve their fine motor skills.  She does all this on her limited budget.  In addition, Ms. Morris always makes herself accessible to both students and parents and makes home visits which helps create an open dialogue so that the students can stay on track.  Ms. Morris has a passion for learning and builds upon what she already knows so that her students are challenged and engaged. 


 Nominated By Jess Kraft

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