Ms. Bernadette Taliaferro - Mumford High School

Teacher of the week November 12th – 16th  

 Teacher:  Ms. Bernadette Taliaferro

School:  Mumford High School

Location: Detroit

Ms. Taliaferro is an amazing person! She has been with DPS since she graduated college. She has taught and volunteered at many high schools in Detroit. Ms. Taliaferro created programs to keep teens off the street.. Her love for children can't even be put into words. The death of her son in 2004 inspired her to open up the Heritage youth program. This program catered to low income families and at risk children. The program is completely free because Ms. Taliaferro wants to save any child she can and does not want money to be a factor. Her work exceeds the DPS district and she does it without being paid or looking for anything in return. Nothing further than, the success of each child she can reach out too.. Please consider Ms. Taliaferro because she deserves to be acknowledged and potentially save more children lives. Thank you


Nominated By  Shushanna Hill

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