Week of 5/1 - Mrs. Weston - St. Matthews Lutheran

Mrs. Amy Weston, my middle school teacher from St.Matthew Lutheran school, has made a big difference in my life and inspired me to become a better person. St. Matthew is the school I attend in Michigan. When I arrived back to St. Matthew Lutheran School after being homeschooled for two years and having some anxiety about going back, Mrs. Weston welcomed me with an open heart and made me feel supported. It felt like I could ask her any question I wanted. When I first came back, she wasn't my main teacher until I went to 7th grade, but even when she wasn't my main teacher, it felt like she was. In 7th grade, she always made me feel at home and made school fun. Once, when I was in 6th grade, Mrs. Weston had our whole class go to a smaller school to assist and mentor someone younger than us, called a buddy, to help them with reading. When I helped the child, I learned how showing people love and kindness made me humble. When I was in 7th grade, our 6th, 7th, and 8th students loaded boxes onto a train so it could be shipped off to kids that need the items in the boxes. When my class was done with the service project and when we arrived back to the school, Mrs. Weston had the whole class sit in a circle and talk about our experience and why we did it. While we were talking, Mrs. Weston expressed how much it means to others to show  love and kindness, which in turn assists a person to understand the importance of serving.


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