Week of 2/6 - Markisha Stovall at Madison-Carver Academy

Congratulations to Ms. Stovall of Madison-Carver Academy on being our Teacher of the Week brought to you by Mike Morse Law Firm!

Markisha is a type of a teacher that I have never seen. Numerous times she has taken students into her home when they don't have a ride to school or when they are having home issues and not only helps to parent them but also puts her all into making sure they achieve the highest academic levels. She gives so much of her personal time to her students by taking them out on the weekends or staying later at school just so she can tutor her students and others. Her latest achievement was making a Go Fund Me Page to take her female students to see the movie "Hidden Figures" where she surpassed her goal of $350 by raising over $1400 where she was able to pay for all of the students tickets, bus ride, and a meal afterwards! If she doesn't deserve this award for all her dedication and hard work, I don't know who does!



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