Wendy Williams postpones her TV return...again.

People are really starting to wonder what is really going on with Wendy Williams.  You can’t forget when she passed out on live TV just over a year ago on Halloween.  She ended up taking some time off following that health scare.  More recently, she appeared on the show in an arm sling due to what she called a fractured shoulder.  She was supposed to return to her purple chair following the New Year on January 7th, but postponed her return to a week later.  It was just announced that new episodes with start on January 14th, but without Wendy.  Instead, a celebrity panel will hold it down until her return on January 21st.  I’m looking forward to seeing her back on the air and I hope she is doing well.

Read more:  https://bit.ly/2Cfux63

Photo:  Getty Images

ya girl Cheron

ya girl Cheron

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