New Memoir: "Diamonds and Curlz-29 Years Rolling With Rock Royalty Prince

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Working With Prince For 29 Years Kim Berry For Sure Has Many Stories That She Can Share About The Icon. In A New Book Titled "Diamonds and Curlz" Berry will Share Her Journey With Prince Over The Years So That Many Fans Can Get A Closer Look Into The Singers Life.

In A Interview Berry Says...

“I want them to know he was a human being… special yes… but perfectly imperfect just like the rest of us. He made mistakes but incredible strides at the same time. Prince laughed, cried and brought beautiful music to the world. I want fans to feel proud that we lived during an era of GREAT music. ‘Prince was the soundtrack of our lives.’ We know what to expect from the realm of music because the bar was so high. Live and live now, on or off stage. You only get one shot at this thing called life. Your greatest disadvantage is to miss your mark"

The Book Will Be Released April 24 During The Celebration Of Prince In Minneapolis.


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