Lil Durk Shocks Fans With His 'One And Done' Boxers Confession

Photo: Getty Images

Celebs have the luxury of not wearing hot pieces more than once, but who knew that was also the case when it comes to undergarment and shoes. Lil Durk shocked fans when he took to Instagram Story on Monday to reveal that he doesn't ever wear the same of boxers more than once, while showing off his extensive collection of boxers.

Durk isn't the only rapper to declare his one and done rule. T.I. made waves on social media after claiming he doesn't wear his Air Force One sneakers more than one time. He posted his collection of all white ones with the caption:

"1 wear & outta there"

Fans wasted no time chiming in on the photo. Christian rapper Lecrae responded:

"This how I know you still got CD sales money, that trust fund grand babies money, that 6 seasons of TV money. I’ll admit it I be toothbrushing mine still."

While rapper Curren$y chimed in:

"I try to get three outta mines. 1st wear is a day time event, club night 2nd wear... and Sunday I can lowride in a worn pair of ones they still fresh enuff to go cruisin in and if the car breakdown and we gotta get on the floor to fix shit I won’t have to worry about creasing them hoes cuz this was their last day.... all that to say I ain’t as rich as u haha one day I’ll be doin em 1 and dun tho. One day soon."

As for Durk, fans also had a field day on social media with his confession. One fan joked:

"Lil Durk talkin bout he don’t rewear his boxers s*** if I was India I would sell the used ones right on eBay."


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