Game Workz event to reduce Cybersecurity Talent shortage

Wilder Detroit Public Library branch

Game Workz event to reduce Cybersecurity Talent shortage

Many news reports state companies are looking for Cybersecurity Specialists. In fact, Cybersecurity Ventures predicts there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021. The problem – The general population has no idea who engineers computer networks so they can enjoy the internet. Hence, they have no idea how it is protected to stop cyber hackers and attackers.

Uplift, Inc. is utilizing Game Workz, a cash-prize video game tournament to pique the general population’s interest in cybersecurity as a career and determine if participants have the critical thinking skills for cyber range simulations

Game Workz began at 2 branches of the Detroit Public Library, Wilder and Redford Saturday January 25, 2020 and Monday January 27, 2020, respectively. “Our goal is to scale Game Workz as a mega arena cybersecurity game to attract 50,000 spectators as shown in our logo,” states Ida Byrd-Hill, President of Uplift, Inc.

Game Workz will occur the 2nd Saturday at Wilder Detroit Public Library and 2nd Monday at Redford Detroit Public Library through April, 2020 and then September through November, 2020.

Dates for February are Wilder 2/22/20 and Redford 2/24/2. We will be distributing $100 in cash prizes at each location.

Participation at Game Workz is FREE. To gain access to practice competition software, participants must register or

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